Tuesday, March 22, 2011







Cuff the Duke – If I Live or If I Die

Sam Roberts – Stripmall Religion

Attack In Black – Liberties

Winter Gloves – Trap The Mouse

Diamond Rings – You Oughta Know

Braids – Plath Heart

Tegan and Sara – Speak Slow

Slam Dunk – Only Fun

Hollerado – Riverside

Japandroids – Wet Hair

Little Girls – Youth Tunes

Milks & Rectangles – Auction Block

The Acorn – Lullaby

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Yo, my friends.

Hot Buttered Soul got RCMP’d this week. Double remix.

The HBS progam ended with a track called “I Miss You” — of the best soul records I’ve ever heard — by Harold Melvin.

But to get to to goods.

I started off the RCMP with a new track by Young Galaxy, an amazing duo out of Vancouver.

These guys deserve more profit than I can offer, please pay some respects….http://www.younggalaxy.com

I followed that track with Small Sins feat. K-OS, if you haven’t heard it, google it.

On the HBS (Hot Buttered Soul) program this Tuesday… Young Blaise joined me in studio. This guy has more soul records than you can hold in six hands!

Check out Young Blaise  here. Blaise also has ties to the Hastings Set,  and is about to do big things, producing tracks for Gescha and Michigan rapper Substance, which you can peep here.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

On today’s edition we heard “Underwhelmed,” from Sloan’s first full-length, Smeared. It was first released in Canada in ’92 and then hit the States in ’93.

Sloan formed in the early 90s in Halifax, NS, a city that houses 3 major colleges, and is renowned for its music and party scene. If you had the chance to see Sloan at any time in history, the early 90s in Halifax would be a good bet.

Their was another good band making a name for themselves in Halifax around the same time —Thursh Hermit. The picture posted is a video montage from a Sloan / Thursh Hermit concert from ’92 via The Coast.

The list of good artists from Halifax is lengthy. One dude, Buck 65, has released some type of new project almost every year since ’95, and has become an important fixture in Can. hip-hop. He originally made his start as a twenty-year-old host on campus community radio in Halifax. Now he’s gained an enormous listener base, through his Buck 65 moniker, and on-the-air, hosting The Drive weekdays on Radio 2.

Other NS big-namers include Classified, Skratch Bastid, Wintersleep, North of America and, the one and only, April Wine!

Also, later in the show I played a track from Evil Ebenezer off of 2010s Evil Eye titled “Scarecrow.” He’s been around for a few years, this last release on Camobear Records out of Vancouver. Here is the vid. for “Scarecrow,” shot in East Vancouver!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

I kicked off this weeks Tuesday edition with some new Canadian hip-hop, from two guys who are far from freshmen to the scene.

  • Moka Only – Emmex Seventro (Martian X-Mas, 2010)
  • Moka Only – ANNE pleasant LEE (Martian X-Mas, 2010)
  • Buck 65 – Gee Whiz feat. Nick Thorburn (20 Odd Years, 2011)

Also, we heard a new one from Don Cash, who has been on the Toronto rap scene for years, and just released a new album titled ‘Unbreakable’ —  you can check out a bit about Don and cop a few free downloads here via RCRD LBL

And finally, I got a request in to hear The Rascalz (you remember those guys). I dug up the Cash Crop album, skipped over ‘Checkpoint’ and ended the show with the track ‘Mood Swingz’

Later Eh!


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