Thursday March 31st

we had a guest in the studio today: the one and only simon the mathmagynin. we waxed poetic on a number of subjects including buttockses, bullies, and beans. we also played a lot of music featured in vivefest. here’s the playlist:

Woodpigeon-Piano Pieces for Adult Beginners
Dreaming of Electric Sheep-Dead Peasants
Mother Mother-Baby Don’t Dance
Ultimate Power Duo-Rad Rock Show
BRAIDS-Liver and Tan
Samantha Savage-Smith-The Fight
BA Johnston-Pep & Ched
Chad VanGaalen-Willow Tree
Booji Bomb-Now?

simon is part of the saskatoon soaps (also check ’em out on facebook), saskatoon’s longest standing comedy troupe. we had a couple callers ask him some questions. one of em asked him why he’s so damn awesome. the simple answer is the ladies love him. i delved a bit deeper and found out how he’s so successful with the ladies. “math” is the answer. and if you’re looking for a place to pick em up, he recommends waiting outside the women’s washroom. certainly a high traffic area.

check the saskatoon soaps out tomorrow night at the broadway theater, or may 6th for their season finale.

also check out some vivefest3 shows this weekend! hope you’ve got your cvg tickets, i know i’ve got mine.

-mr. november

Thursday March 24th

shit’s getting crazy due to vivefest, check out the full schedule here. chad vangaalen tickets have officially sold out, but i think there’s a certain number of reserved spots for people with festival passes. check vive out on facebook for more information on volunteering (which’ll get you a festival pass for $free.99). i played an evaporators song today, here’s a nardwuar vid for your personal enjoyment:

Elliott Brood-President (35)
Neil Young-Walk On
Woodpigeon-In the Battle of Sun vs. Curtains, Sun Loses & We Sleep Until Noon
BA Johnston-Grease Lullaby
Booji Bomb-Moomba Island
Economics-Break in the Drought
Besnard Lakes-Land of Living Skies Part 2: The Living Skies
Chad VanGaalen-Gubbbish
Plants & Animals-Feedback in the Field
the Seahags-Dusty Road
Auld Beak-The Cat Song
Terry Mattson-I Warned You
Eric’s Trip-Universe
Rural Alberta Advantage-Stamp
the Evaporators-Do the Eggbeater
Chad VanGaalen-I Miss You Like I Miss You

next week we’ll probably be doing a showcase on vivefest, maybe bring in a guest. maybe it’ll be your dog. and we’ll sing carols.

-mr. november

march 17th, 2011

better late than never, i suppose.

Rural Alberta Advantage-Tornado ’87
Peace-I Forget
Feral Children-Motivation Machine
Gregory Pepper & His Problems-Drop the Plot
Pirate Fridays-Cereal Killer
Sheepdogs-I Don’t Know
Karkwa-Les Chemins de Verre
Chad Vangaalen-Cries of the Dead
The Seahags-Time Running
Sheezer-El Scorcho
Gentleman Reg-How We Exit
Foggy Notions-I Could Go On

not much to say here, sheezer/born ruffians show was pretty solid. i’ll be darned if i wasn’t filled with a warm nostalgic gooey feeling inside when they played my name is jonas.

if you haven’t yet, vote for the sheepdogs. they made it past the first round of voting. canada’s only band in the contest!

stay tuned

-mr. november

thursday, march 10th, 2011

today, by request, was the joel plaskett edition of the rcmp. here’s the playlist:

thrush hermit-hated it
joel plaskett emergency-soundtrack for the night
camouflage nights-five five minutes
two hours traffic-nighthawks
dave marsh-true love rules
shotgun jimmie-you’ve changed
joel plaskett emergency-come on, teacher
thrush hermit-oh my soul!
peter elkas-cool thing to do
joel plaskett emergency-waiting to be discovered
the establishment-the day we hit the coast
joel plaskett emergency-work out fine
joel plaskett-love this town

there was a request last week for a jp song, but i ran out of time! under normal circumstances any excuse to play joel usually won’t be passed up by your’s truly, so i figured why not dedicate a whole show to it!

i spent the better part of my adolescent listening to this guy’s music, and i’ll continue to listen to it well into my life. for those of you who’re down, you already know. he puts on some of the best shows. his rapport with the crowd is impeccable. maybe it’s just imagined but i feel he’s got some perspective on prairie sensibilities.

if you haven’t listened to him before, anywhere’s a good starting spot. my favorite album has to be truthfully, truthfully (work out fine, radio fly, the red light are some highlights but it’s a pretty solid album all the way through), but each album has it’s flagship. then there are those songs where the live version just can’t be topped (nowhere with you, love this town, it’s catchin on).

there’s a reason why i started my first rcmp show off with thrush hermit’s (oh man!) what to do?, and the last show i host’ll (when they pry it from my cold dead hands) probably be capped off with a swan song a la plaskett (maybe his cover of hey ya?).

rumour is the emergency’ll be joining him in saskatoon around november. quite fitting no?

-mr. november

not only my favorite charlie sheen thing to hit the internet, but one of the best youtubes i’ve seen in a while. charlie died on the way back to his home planet.

thursday march 3rd, 2011

here’s the set list from today’s show:

Do Make Say Think-The Landlord is Dead
FM-One O’Clock Tomorrow
Nash the Slash-Dopes on the Water
Timber Timbre-Magic Arrow
Five Alarm Funk-Zenith Escalator
Plants and Animals-Lola Who?
Chad VanGaalen-Echo Train

here’s a nash the slash youtube dump. the guy’s a primary component of fm (toronto based rock band who experienced their peak in the late 70s-early 80s), but when he does his solo stuff he dresses up like a mummy and wails on his electric violin. he’s legendary around toronto, and rightfully so.

at the plants and animals show last weekend at amigos people were moshing and crowd surfing during the mellowest part of their set. it was pretty great.

after dugout i brought up Major League star Charlie Sheen and his interview antics as of late. here’s an excerpt from one of his interviews (full interview can be found at

“I got magic and I got poetry in my fingertips, most of the time, and this includes naps,” Sheen said. “I’m an F-18, bro, and I will destroy you in the air and I will deploy my ordinance to the ground.”

in my eyes you’re all f-18s.

-mr. november


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