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I am thinking about starting this blog up. i got password and username. the only question it… will i have the patience and dedication…



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Thursday March 31st

we had a guest in the studio today: the one and only simon the mathmagynin. we waxed poetic on a number of subjects including buttockses, bullies, and beans. we also played a lot of music featured in vivefest. here’s the playlist:

Woodpigeon-Piano Pieces for Adult Beginners
Dreaming of Electric Sheep-Dead Peasants
Mother Mother-Baby Don’t Dance
Ultimate Power Duo-Rad Rock Show
BRAIDS-Liver and Tan
Samantha Savage-Smith-The Fight
BA Johnston-Pep & Ched
Chad VanGaalen-Willow Tree
Booji Bomb-Now?

what in the heck is a mathmagynin anyway


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Thursday March 24th

shit’s getting crazy due to vivefest, check out the full schedule here. chad vangaalen tickets have officially sold out, but i think there’s a certain number of reserved spots for people with festival passes. check vive out on facebook for more information on volunteering (which’ll get you a festival pass for $free.99). i played an evaporators song today, here’s a nardwuar vid for your personal enjoyment:

songs to teach u how to learn how 2 punch-holes in walls & impress ur friend here


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March 22, 20111


Wow some guy actually called in at the end of the show and asked for this weeks track list… sweet!

Check it out here.


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march 17th, 2011

better late than never, i suppose.

Rural Alberta Advantage-Tornado ’87
Peace-I Forget
Feral Children-Motivation Machine
Gregory Pepper & His Problems-Drop the Plot
Pirate Fridays-Cereal Killer
Sheepdogs-I Don’t Know
Karkwa-Les Chemins de Verre
Chad Vangaalen-Cries of the Dead
The Seahags-Time Running
Sheezer-El Scorcho
Gentleman Reg-How We Exit
Foggy Notions-I Could Go On

i have a crush on every girl in sheezer


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today, by request, was the joel plaskett edition of the rcmp. here’s the playlist:

this post goes on & on & on


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Yo, friends.

Hot Buttered Soul got RCMP’d this week. Double remix.

The HBS progam ended with a track called “I Miss You” — one of the best soul record I’ve ever heard — by Harold Melvin.

But to get to to goods.

I started off the RCMP with a new track by Young Galaxy, a duo out of Vancouver.

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